Industrial Electric Motors: Understanding the Common Causes of Failure

27 November 2017
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Electric vibrating motors are essential components in industrial equipment, systems and applications. They are beneficial in driving the efficiency of various operations through the machines in which they are installed. In general, these units are designed to provide extended service after fabrication. However, they can experience unexpected failure, stalling industrial functions. Therefore, it is important to understand the issues causing unexpected failures. The knowledge will be critical in minimising incidents in the industrial setup in the future. Read More 

Metal Fabrication: Managing Your Expenses for Stainless Steel Manufacturing

8 November 2017
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Stainless steel is a favoured material in custom metal fabrication because of its exceptional strength. In simple terms, it can withstand high compressional and tensional forces as well as mechanical impact without deformation. Also, stainless steel is not vulnerable to corrosion. This property ensures the durability of the fabricated product and its exceptional performance in adverse conditions. Unfortunately, stainless steel fabrication can be an expensive undertaking for your business. If you are concerned about the projected expenses, you should think about using the practical tips below to reduce the total project expenses. Read More 

Why Startup Building Blocks Manufacturing Companies Need Turnkey Solutions

24 October 2017
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With the construction industry thriving, your startup block manufacturing company should turn profitable over a few months depending on the number of clients you get. Additionally, profitability will depend on your company's ability to meet customer requirements in a differentiated manner. With clients on the lookout for unique products, your firm needs to bring on board people with proven expertise in block manufacturing. Professionals will increase the startup company's overheads and affect overall profitability. Read More 

Metal Fabrication: The Indispensable Welding Technology for Industrial Fabrication

11 October 2017
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The welding technology allows advanced fabrication to be undertaken on most metallic items. It is by welding that you can create a more sophisticated piece of equipment for the advanced users. Thanks to the welding technology, the customisation of metals has been made possible. This means that you can get the exact equipment for your precise kind of use. Here are a few technological aspects. Shielded Metal Welding The shielded arc welding can also be referred to as stick welding since it involves coating electrodes. Read More 

Top 4 Perks Up for Grabs If You Replace Your Shed’s Regular Glass Windows with Perspex Windows

10 August 2017
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Mineral or regular glass has been the traditional choice of glazing material for windows installed on outdoor structures such as sheds, greenhouses and playhouses. However, that is quickly changing with the introduction of Perspex as a modern alternative to glass. If you are thinking about replacing the mineral glass on your shed windows with Perspex, it is critical that you first find out what benefits you stand to gain by making the upgrade. Read More