The Benefits of Slimline Tanks

20 February 2018
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Slimline tanks are mainly used for rainwater harvesting, and are therefore, also referred to as slimline rainwater tanks. Harvesting rain water helps preserve dwindling underground water resources and also reduces the risk of flooding in some areas, thus great for those who are environmentally conscious. Rainwater harvesting is not only good for the environment, but also good for your pocket. This water is free and can be used as a substitute for the water used on your garden. Read More 

Industrial Doors: Three Crucial Tips for Prolonging the Service Life of Strip Curtains

29 January 2018
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Plastic strip curtains are ideal for commercial and industrial use because of their flexibility. Unlike solid doors, these strips will not hinder the constant flow of foot and equipment traffic in the workplace. Also, you should note that PVC strip curtains are highly expedient in the working environment. They have no special requirements related to operation, installation and replacement, unlike standard doors. Under normal circumstances, the curtains will provide prolonged service. Read More 

Factors to Consider When Selecting Power Trowels

22 January 2018
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Concrete trowels can help a contractor to finish a surface quickly and easily. Inexperienced hobbyists may not know what to consider when selecting between a walk-behind trowel and a ride-on version for a project. Read on and discover some of the considerations that can help you to make the right decision. Site Accessibility Consider how easy it will be for you to get the equipment to the jobsite. It can be hard for you to get a ride-on concrete trowel onto a slab that is elevated. Read More 

3 tips for hiring an industrial engineer

8 January 2018
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Engineers take years of training, hard work and on the job experience to gain an incredible level of knowledge. An industrial and manufacturing engineer has the added challenges of apply their craft to a series of highly complex, highly hazardous and sometimes dangerous industrial sites. This expertise makes them invaluable on your project site, not matter if you are digging up valuable minerals, or carrying out deep sea mining exploration. Of course, this level of knowledge means that a qualified engineer will never be a cheap option, but do not let that make you think they will not save you money. Read More 

Having A Blast: The Advantages Of Using Abrasive Blasting To Remove Paint And Coatings From Your Concrete Floor

21 December 2017
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Concrete floors are about as durable as you would expect, but they benefit from surface coatings just like any other flooring material, and a wide variety of paints, coatings and sealants are used to protect concrete floors from corrosive substances, stains and heavy impacts. Unfortunately, these coatings have a limited shelf life, and while reapplying coatings to a worn conrete floor is a relatively simple process, the remaining vestiges of the original coatings must be removed for the new coating to properly take. Read More