Metal Fabrication: The Indispensable Welding Technology for Industrial Fabrication

11 October 2017
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The welding technology allows advanced fabrication to be undertaken on most metallic items. It is by welding that you can create a more sophisticated piece of equipment for the advanced users. Thanks to the welding technology, the customisation of metals has been made possible. This means that you can get the exact equipment for your precise kind of use. Here are a few technological aspects. Shielded Metal Welding The shielded arc welding can also be referred to as stick welding since it involves coating electrodes. Read More 

Top 4 Perks Up for Grabs If You Replace Your Shed’s Regular Glass Windows with Perspex Windows

10 August 2017
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Mineral or regular glass has been the traditional choice of glazing material for windows installed on outdoor structures such as sheds, greenhouses and playhouses. However, that is quickly changing with the introduction of Perspex as a modern alternative to glass. If you are thinking about replacing the mineral glass on your shed windows with Perspex, it is critical that you first find out what benefits you stand to gain by making the upgrade. Read More 

4 Benefits of Preinsulated Pipes

10 July 2017
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Whether you're using them in a commercial, industrial or residential setting, preinsulated pipes offer a lot of advantages. If you're just starting to learn about these pipes, you may want to check out the list below. It can help you decide if these pipes are right for your application. 1. Preinsulated pipes are faster to install. Often when you put in pipes, you have to add the insulation yourself. That is relatively easy—pipe insulation is typically a piece of cylindrical foam that you slip over the pipe and then secure in place with the adhesive strips built into the foam. Read More 

Why TPV Sunroof Seals Are the Best for Your New Vehicle

22 June 2017
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The sunroof of a car serves various functions. In addition to sheltering you from weather elements, it allows natural light into the car thereby acting as an extra window. Therefore, it is critical to ensure that your vehicle's sunroof is made from the best material around. Since it is considered an additional feature, the sunroof needs to be worth its value by lasting for a long time. For that matter, when it comes to choosing a sun-roofed car, go for one whose seal is made from Thermoplastic Vulcanizates (TPV) Santoprene. Read More 

Sheet Metal Storage: Your Options

19 June 2017
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If you're just setting up your own workshop and intend to keep sheet metal in stock--whether for artistic purposes or industrial ones--you're probably wondering how best to store it. The sheets can be large and cumbersome, so a good storage solution is essential! So what are your options? Read on for a bit of assistance with this potentially complex decision. Vertical Racks Vertical racks for sheet metal storage tend to look a lot like canvas storage racks, and are usually made of tubular steel. Read More