Why TPV Sunroof Seals Are the Best for Your New Vehicle

22 June 2017
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog

The sunroof of a car serves various functions. In addition to sheltering you from weather elements, it allows natural light into the car thereby acting as an extra window. Therefore, it is critical to ensure that your vehicle's sunroof is made from the best material around. Since it is considered an additional feature, the sunroof needs to be worth its value by lasting for a long time. For that matter, when it comes to choosing a sun-roofed car, go for one whose seal is made from Thermoplastic Vulcanizates (TPV) Santoprene. TPV Santoprene sunroof seals are better placed to handle all manner of external elements that they might be subjected. This article explains why you should opt for a car with TPV sunroof seals.

Excellent Sealing Ability -- Since you will be driving in different weather conditions and environments, it is critical that the materials used in making sunroof seals have the best compression properties. This attribute ensures that the seal can maintain the highest sealing standards irrespective of the surrounding. Tests have proven that TPV seals are capable of supporting compression forces on the sunroof glass seal over its lifetime. Additionally, the car could go through different environmental conditions and only lose 20% of its compression force. Therefore, TPV sunroof seals guarantee you the highest sealing performance.

Squeak Free -- You must have gotten into a car, and the moment you reach for the sunroof and give it a slight push, it produces an annoying squeak. The acoustic properties of other materials used to manufacture sunroof seals are depleted with time. On the other hand, TPV seals have excellent acoustic properties that ensure a squeak free operation of the sunroof. Notably, a sunroof is considered a luxury feature; hence, a car owner must live up to this by ensuring optimal performance.

Color Variety -- Most sunroof seals are black in color because the materials they are made of have high levels of carbon black. Carbon black does not give manufacturers too many options regarding what color sunroof seals should be. Since customization has become a mainstay in the motor vehicle industry, you should have a say in determining the color of your sunroof seal. Due to the low levels of carbon black in TPVs, it is possible to choose from a wide variety of pigmentation.  For instance, a TPV sunroof seal will provide you with an option for matching it to a car interior.