Top 4 Perks Up for Grabs If You Replace Your Shed's Regular Glass Windows with Perspex Windows

10 August 2017
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog

Mineral or regular glass has been the traditional choice of glazing material for windows installed on outdoor structures such as sheds, greenhouses and playhouses. However, that is quickly changing with the introduction of Perspex as a modern alternative to glass. If you are thinking about replacing the mineral glass on your shed windows with Perspex, it is critical that you first find out what benefits you stand to gain by making the upgrade.

Here's a run-through of a number of essential advantages that Perspex windows offer over typical glass windows.

They can provide better light transmission.

The principal reason as to why ordinary glass is used as a glazing material for window installation is because it can allow light to pass through it. Perspex also has that same capability because it is clear and transparent. As a matter of fact, high-grade Perspex can transmit a higher percentage of all visible light than glass, with the difference in light transmission percentage depending on what type of glass you're replacing and its manufacturer.

They are tougher and safer.

Compared to regular glass, which shatters easily, Perspex offers greater impact resistance. This attribute makes Perspex windows an ideal replacement for your shed glass windows, which may easily break into shards when hit by hailstones, a stray ball, and other hard objects. As Perspex is non-shattering, it is also a much safer option for your windows.

They are cheaper.

As Perspex is less dense when compared to ordinary glass, it costs less to manufacture. The cost savings are then passed to consumers like you in terms of lower prices. Aside from that, Perspex costs less to transport because it is lighter and does not break as easily as regular glass — an extra level of care is usually required when transporting regular glass, while many sheets of Perspex can be bundled up in the hauling vehicle without worrying about potential breakage.

They provide better thermal insulation.

When it comes to temperature control within your shed, Perspex is more efficient than mineral glass in minimising temperature flux, meaning it would be easier for the warmer or cooler air outside to penetrate into your interior space through the windows. That can significantly reduce the amount of money you spend on air conditioning.

If you are convinced that Perspex windows are a perfect match for your shed, contact a Perspex window supplier today to make your order!