Why Startup Building Blocks Manufacturing Companies Need Turnkey Solutions

24 October 2017
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog

With the construction industry thriving, your startup block manufacturing company should turn profitable over a few months depending on the number of clients you get. Additionally, profitability will depend on your company's ability to meet customer requirements in a differentiated manner. With clients on the lookout for unique products, your firm needs to bring on board people with proven expertise in block manufacturing. Professionals will increase the startup company's overheads and affect overall profitability. Nonetheless, turnkey engineering solutions offer a reprieve, and this article highlights reasons how your startup building blocks producing firm stands to benefit. 

Timely Delivery -- All construction projects are time-bound; therefore, when a contractor fails to complete a project within the specified timelines, they are expected to compensate the project owner. Notably, a significant cause of project delays is the untimely delivery of input materials. With turnkey solutions, you can deliver building blocks to your client's site on time. For example, a master plan for the entire project is discussed with the construction company at the beginning and not during execution. Specifications such as design and size of the blocks are agreed upon long before a project commences, which allows seamless delivery of complete building blocks to a construction site.

Understanding Design Needs -- As mentioned earlier, clients in the construction industry want their unique needs met by construction companies. The requirements range from ergonomics and functionality to comfort and aesthetics. All these can be achieved by customizing building blocks to take any shape or size. When your startup is contracted by a construction company, you need the services of designers and engineers to make sure the blocks meet client needs. However, part-time or one-time professionals might not relate with your clientele as well, which can be costly for ongoing works because mistakes are bound to happen. A turnkey solution allows you to engage part-timers through an iterative design process that involves clients. At this phase, prototypes of building blocks are generated until the client is satisfied. Mass production begins after that.

Keeping Budget Intact -- Budget issues in the construction industry are a big deal for startups, and the slightest change can over-run your budget. For example, if a client provides your firm with material specifications for building blocks, but changes their mind during the manufacturing process, your business would require more capital to accommodate the changes. Regardless of whether the customer offers to remunerate your company for the alterations, operations will be affected. With turnkey solutions, the cost of design and materials specifications is quoted and given to the client before manufacturing begins, which provides certainty to the production budget.