Industrial Electric Motors: Understanding the Common Causes of Failure

27 November 2017
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Electric vibrating motors are essential components in industrial equipment, systems and applications. They are beneficial in driving the efficiency of various operations through the machines in which they are installed. In general, these units are designed to provide extended service after fabrication. However, they can experience unexpected failure, stalling industrial functions. Therefore, it is important to understand the issues causing unexpected failures. The knowledge will be critical in minimising incidents in the industrial setup in the future. 

Electrical Power Overload

Like other electrical devices, the electric motor can draw in more current than the capacity they can handle. This type of problem happens in some unusual operating conditions in the industrial environment. When such an incident occurs, the motor will experience extreme stress and subsequent failure. Overload events are unpredictable and sudden, and they can stall the normal productivity for prolonged periods. If you would like to protect your motors and equipment from this type of failure, you should invest in overcurrent protection devices. These units will shut down the excess flow of power in the circuit.

Motor Overheating 

The electric motors n your industrial equipment can overheat, and this problem will translate into numerous performance issues. In general, when the motor overheats, it will cause the insulation around it to start wearing down. Once the insulation fails, the machinery will stop working. Fortunately, you can take some measures to prevent motor overheating incidences. Often, the failures occur due to the motor operating at an unsuitable current value. 

If the components start at this unfavourable level, the internal parts will be warmer than the design temperature. You should ensure that your motors are always matched with their ideal current values to prevent this problem. Also, motors can overheat due to high ambient temperatures. If your industrial space often experienced high environmental temperature due to the operations, you should install a reliable cooling system and proper ventilation. 

Presence of Dirt

The presence of dirt in and around the motor can cause significant damage to the industrial electric motors in your operation. In most cases, the dirt will enter the motor and cause the cooling fan to stop working efficiently. As a result, the temperature of the component will rise. In other situations, the dirt will affect the performance of the insulation winding around the motor. The failure of the insulation will cause the degradation of the motor. To prevent this problem, you should install some shielding around the electric motor.