Industrial Doors: Three Crucial Tips for Prolonging the Service Life of Strip Curtains

29 January 2018
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog

Plastic strip curtains are ideal for commercial and industrial use because of their flexibility. Unlike solid doors, these strips will not hinder the constant flow of foot and equipment traffic in the workplace. Also, you should note that PVC strip curtains are highly expedient in the working environment. They have no special requirements related to operation, installation and replacement, unlike standard doors. Under normal circumstances, the curtains will provide prolonged service. However, the exact period of service will depend on your choice of product and maintenance practices. Here are some tips for prolonging the lifespan of industrial plastic strip curtains.

Select the Right Material for the Environment

You should evaluate your environment with care before choosing a suitable strip curtain for your industrial space. If you install an inappropriate product, you will see the accelerated failure of the plastic curtains. You should particularly take the operational temperature in your workplace into account. For example, if you are planning on placing the curtain over a commercial freezer door, you should make sure that the chosen product can withstand low temperature. If you install a normal room temperature range PVC curtain, it will become distorted and crack prematurely. You should also consider static generation in areas with sensitive equipment such as data centres. For the best results, you should purchase anti-static curtains for this application.

Consider Ribbed Curtains for High Impact Zones

You should think about the impact which will be sustained by your PVC strip curtains after installation. Some zones in your commercial or industrial space might experience heavy traffic, causing accelerated wear and tear. Also, if you are planning on driving equipment such as forklifts through the doors, you will find that the curtains will be vulnerable to tearing. Fortunately, you can avoid these longevity and performance issues by installing a ribbed industrial strip curtain. The ribs will reduce the rate of wear by absorbing the impact and protecting the main layer of the curtain. Therefore, you will have longer service.

Clean the Industrial Curtains for Transparency

One of the common reasons for the replacement of PVC strip curtains in the industrial environment is the decreased transparency of the feature. If the strips are significantly cloudy and interfere with movement or aesthetics, it is crucial to consider replacement. However, you should note that the plastic material can become murky due to the accumulation of dirt, oils and grime. If you would like to prolong the lifespan and restore transparency, you should clean the strips with water and detergent.