Foundation Construction: Should You Install Screw Piles?

20 April 2018
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog

If you are planning on building a new commercial structure, you should think about installing screw piles in your structural foundation. In general, screw piles can be defines as screw-in pilings or ground anchoring units used in deep foundations. These members are made using steel; they are resilient and durable. In addition, they are installed into the ground through winding like a screw in wood. Therefore, the stability of the piles is exceptional and usually unshakeable. If you are interested in screw pile foundations but are uncertain of the suitability of the choice for your needs, you should evaluate the benefits outlined below before making your decision.

Quick Installation

Screw pile foundations can be installed rapidly in comparison to traditional construction methods. Therefore, if you are looking for a base building method that accelerates the project, you should consider this helical anchoring method. You can install the screw piles with conventional construction equipment with a high torque hydraulic motor. For example, a track excavator or even a compact excavator will allow you to drive the helical members into the ground with ease. Traditional concrete foundations will require extensive excavation which can be time consuming. On the other hand, alternative pile systems require specialised machines such as drill shaft rigs and cranes with pile hammer.

Immediate Usage

Screw pile foundations are favourable over alternatives because they have immediate load bearing capabilities immediately after installation. In general, when the standard types of foundations are built, they cannot be used for supporting building structures without a period of delay. For example, a traditional concrete slab foundation must be given sufficient time for curing before they can be used. Otherwise, the capability of the base will be compromised. If you are using driving piles, you might need to wait for the dissipation of the excess pore water pressures before loading. Choosing screw piles can shorten your construction timeline significantly.

Reduced Footprint

If you are looking for a type of foundation or ground anchoring system with a small footprint, you should discuss the possibility of using screw piles in your commercial structure. A reduced footprint might be critical to the success of your construction work, especially if you are building on a lot with limited space. For example, excavation and similar intrusive foundation installation methods can be difficult to carry out if your work site is close to other buildings. The use of screw piles causes minimal disturbance during insertion in the ground. Therefore, you will not need to handle the negative repercussions of extensive work footprints.