Industrial Roofing – What Materials Should You Consider?

8 October 2018
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog

If you are developing an industrial property, one of the primary considerations you should have is what roofing will be suited for your building. Some newbie owners may assume that their industrial roofing needs will be the same as that of residential roofing, but this is inaccurate. Industrial buildings need specialised roofing supplies so that the structure has a long lifespan. And with the myriad of supplies available, you may be unsure as what to select. Instead of picking roofing materials based on their price, read on for a few of the materials that you could consider.


SPF roofing, which stands for Spray Polyurethane Foam, is considered one of the environmentally conscious supplies you could consider for industrial roofing. This material constitutes a liquid that is sprayed directly onto the roofing structure. As the liquid coats the surface, it transforms into a foam and expands.  SPF roofing is not well known, and this may attribute to its minimal popularity. However, it does provide your building with a host of advantages. Firstly, the SPF roofing can withstand any climate. Secondly, SPF roofing is highly energy efficient. The material forms both a thermal and a moisture barrier, protecting your entire building. Lastly, as aforementioned, SPF roofing is eco-conscious because it does not need old roofing supplies to be stripped for the SPF to be installed.

Single-ply membrane

One of the oldest options for commercial roofing, single-ply membrane remains a relevant material currently due to the advantages it provides as a roofing material. This type of supply comprises sheets of rubber. The sheets can then installed through mechanical fastening, ballasting or chemical adhesion. A reason why single-ply membrane roofing is still a popular option is that its performance has a proven record of accomplishment. Secondly, since you get to choose how you want this material installed, it means that it appeals to a vast client base. Single-ply membrane roofing has a high fire class rating. Therefore, if you want additional fire resistance for your industrial building, this material will be a top choice.


Just as metal roofing is highly prevalent among Australian residents, it is also a favourite among industrial buildings too. Metal roofing has been around long before technological advancements created SPF and single-ply membrane roofing, it is unsurprising that it is a widely used material for industrial roofing.  Furthermore, it comes with a unique set of advantages, which keeps it still relevant as an industrial roofing supply. For instance, the broad range of designs that metal roofing offers is unparalleled when compared to other industrial roofing options. Secondly, metal roofing is considered environmentally friendly since you can always opt to employ recycled supplies.