Scissor Lifts – Definition, Uses and Benefits

19 December 2018
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Scissors lifts are mobile working platforms that are designed to elevate supplies, equipment and even personnel to specific heights. The platform is mounted on crisscrossing abutments, which is where these working platforms derive their name. When in operation, the scissor-like supports contract mechanically, and this smoothly pushes the platform upward. Scissor lifts can be powered pneumatically, mechanically or hydraulically. Read on for some of the uses and benefits of scissor lifts for your applications.

Where can scissor lifts be employed?

In years past, scissor lifts were thought to be the mainstay of industrial applications. Nevertheless, with time and a growing demand for working at elevated heights, scissor lifts can now be used in an assortment of environments. Considered a more suitable solution to conventional ladders and scaffolding, scissor lifts are now a staple in construction sites. This type of equipment is also beneficial in situations such as tree picking, warehousing and even routine electrical maintenance. Thus, no matter what your elevation needs are, you will find scissor lifts will be adept for the task.

What are the benefits of scissor lifts?

  • Simplified manoeuvrability: While scaffolding and ladders are viable ways to achieve elevation, the two are not as easy to move as scissor lifts. Since the scissor lift is mobile, it can be transported to different areas without having to carry it manually, as you would have to with stationary scaffolding and ladders. This ease of mobility also means less strain for your workers, which translates into minimal fatigue as compared to employing ladders or scaffolding. Hence, scissor lifts inadvertently increase the productivity of your project.
  • Enhanced flexibility: Another considerable benefit of scissor lifts is that they can be utilised for an array of applications, as mentioned above. Thus, you do not have to invest in different types of aerial equipment to meet your varying elevation requirements. Additionally, since scaffolding can accommodate both personnel and equipment, they are much better suited for multi-purpose projects, unlike ladders that will require you to use them for one purpose at a time. An excellent example of this is how scissor lifts can be used in tandem with additional accessories such as tilters or turntables, and this allows your personnel to multitask when they are on the platform.
  • Compact: One of the main concerns people have once they have industrial equipment is the storage of their machinery. Scissor lifts do not pose a problem, since they can be retracted into a compact state and subsequently take up as little space as possible when not in use.