3 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Formatubes for Wet Season Construction

17 November 2020
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog

Every construction expert understands the risks of working beyond the set budgetary limit. However, there are various ways to cut down construction costs without sacrificing structural integrity. One of them is using construction materials that function excellently in wet conditions, especially in sub-tropical regions that experience high rainfall amounts annually. Column forming tubes or formatubes are an excellent choice if you'll be running your construction project during monsoon. 

Formatubes are designed from reinforced cardboards and feature various shapes, including rectangular, rounded and square. Read on to learn why you must invest in formatubes during wet season construction.

They Offer Increased Protection

For decades now, wood has predominantly been used to construct columns or pillar-making tubes because it's rigid and sturdy. However, it's not waterproof and doesn't provide water-resistance required for building columns. During wet seasons, water can easily seep into the concrete pillars, which in turn, compromises the structural integrity.

However, formatubes have unique reinforcement materials that prevent water from seeping into the concrete pillars. That means you can continue with your project during the wet season without worrying about the effects of rain on your columns. 

They Speed Up Construction Projects

It's every contractor's dream to finish the construction project within the set timelines. But time is of significant essence when building in wet weather, and you want to avoid its effects. Using formatubes is vital at such times since they do not require additional reinforcement once erected. 

That means investing in formatubes gives you more time to work on other tasks that you could have otherwise spend on setting up support structures for your columns. Besides, formatubes offer an effortless removal process once the pillars are ready. Also, you won't require any special removal tools like grinders as seen in the case of wooden types.

They Provide Aesthetic Benefits

Usually, formatubes feature a smoother inner surface, which can help you achieve smooth, rounded pillars. That means there is no need for extra sanding once the columns are up. These tubes are designed with an oily surface, which prevents them from sticking to the concrete pillars. As such, you can leave them there until the columns dry up completely before removing. 

If you want to construct concrete pillars quickly during wet seasons, consider using formatubes to achieve your goals. However, it'll be prudent to purchase your formatubes from reputable dealers. High-quality formatubes can withstand the impact that comes with concrete moulding to offer robust, durable, and long-lasting pillars.