How to Get Better UV Protection for Powder-Coated Products

22 March 2021
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog

If you are powder coating outdoor products, then you have to think about how the sun's rays might affect your coatings. UV rays can affect the colour consistency and integrity of some finishes, so you need to make some careful decisions before you choose which coating to use.

What do you need to know?

Choose a Coating With UV Protection

Some powder coatings don't deal well in an outside environment. UV rays quickly degrade their finish and their ability to hold their colours.

For example, standard epoxy coatings aren't typically a good long-term solution for outdoor products. Epoxies will create a chalky layer on the paint surface after exposure to the sun as they break down.

Your products will get better protection from powder coatings that are made of polyester or polyurethane. These materials give the coating some in-built resistance to the effects of UV light. So, your products will hold together and keep their colour for longer.

Choose the Right Colours

The colour of the coating you choose also affects its ability to withstand UV exposure. Even if you use a polyester or polyurethane mix, you need to make some careful colour choices here. Some colours in these product lines have less resistance than others.

For example, a polyester palette might include clear, fluorescent and neon colours and finishes. While these options might perform better in the sun than an epoxy equivalent, they won't necessarily work all that well outdoors.

These colours don't have as much UV-resistance as more muted shades like black or grey. They could lose their colour and brightness more quickly.

So, when you've chosen which powder coating to use, make sure to pick colours with maximum resistance to UV light. Your products will stay in better shape and look better for longer.

Use Top Coats for Added Protection

Even if you use a more UV-resistant powder coating, you won't get full protection that lasts forever. Eventually, exposure will fade your colours, even if you use a polyester or polyurethane product.

You can, however, give yourself more protection against damage and fading by adding top coats to your powder coatings. For example, a UV-resistant varnish or even just a clear coat gives your products an extra layer of protection. You buy some extra time before the coating is affected by the sun.

For more advice on choosing the best finishes for outdoor products, talk to powder coating specialists.