Top Reasons Why Your Jaw Crushing Machine Might Need Repair

20 August 2021
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog

If you work in the rock and gravel industry, the mining industry, or some other type of similar industry, then you might use a jaw crushing machine. Your jaw crushing machine might be used for crushing rock into gravel that you can then re-sell, for example. If you rely on your jaw crushing machine so that you can run this type of business, then you obviously need to keep your machine in good condition. You might have noticed that your jaw crushing machine needs repair, and you might be hoping to have repairs done soon. What you could be wondering is why your jaw crushing machine needs repair. These are a few possible reasons.

You've Been Using it to Crush the Wrong Materials

First of all, be aware that although your jaw crushing machine is probably very powerful, it isn't designed to crush all types of material. Damage could be done to the teeth and other components of the machine if you crush materials of the wrong type. Therefore, you should make sure that you stick to the manufacturer's intended use when using your jaw crushing machine, or it could be seriously damaged. If you're in the market for a jaw crushing machine, you may want to specifically look for one that is designed for the type of rock or other material that you will be crushing; then, you can ensure that it will perform properly and that it won't be at an excessive risk of breaking down.

You're Breaking Down Overly Large Loads

In addition to making sure that you only use your jaw crushing machine for breaking down certain types of materials, you should pay attention to the size of the loads that you are crushing at one time. Crushing too much material at once might seem like a good way to get your work done more quickly, but it can put your jaw crushing machine at risk of damage.

Not Changing the Oil

As is the case with lots of different types of machinery, your jaw crushing machine requires oil in order to operate properly. This oil can easily become contaminated with the dust from crushed rock, as well as other things. If the oil is not changed regularly, then you have to worry about clogs and other issues that could heavily impact how well your machinery operates. This could result in your jaw crushing machine needing repair. In the future, make sure that you change the oil regularly to prevent the need for future repairs, and you can keep your machinery up and running while also saving money.

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