The Air Compressor Manual: Everything a Newby Needs to Know

12 January 2019
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The traditional shafts and belts are no longer useful in moving power within commercial settings. However, many commercial setups still need mechanical systems to generate and transmit. Air compressors are the heart of these mechanical systems. You can use them for a range of purposes from small petroleum stations to large industrial establishments. In fact, modern air compressors can handle any task from inflating children' toys to providing power in sanders and drills. Read More 

Scissor Lifts – Definition, Uses and Benefits

19 December 2018
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Scissors lifts are mobile working platforms that are designed to elevate supplies, equipment and even personnel to specific heights. The platform is mounted on crisscrossing abutments, which is where these working platforms derive their name. When in operation, the scissor-like supports contract mechanically, and this smoothly pushes the platform upward. Scissor lifts can be powered pneumatically, mechanically or hydraulically. Read on for some of the uses and benefits of scissor lifts for your applications. Read More 

Industrial Electric Motors: Understanding the Common Causes of Failure

27 November 2017
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Electric vibrating motors are essential components in industrial equipment, systems and applications. They are beneficial in driving the efficiency of various operations through the machines in which they are installed. In general, these units are designed to provide extended service after fabrication. However, they can experience unexpected failure, stalling industrial functions. Therefore, it is important to understand the issues causing unexpected failures. The knowledge will be critical in minimising incidents in the industrial setup in the future. Read More 

Sheet Metal Storage: Your Options

19 June 2017
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If you're just setting up your own workshop and intend to keep sheet metal in stock--whether for artistic purposes or industrial ones--you're probably wondering how best to store it. The sheets can be large and cumbersome, so a good storage solution is essential! So what are your options? Read on for a bit of assistance with this potentially complex decision. Vertical Racks Vertical racks for sheet metal storage tend to look a lot like canvas storage racks, and are usually made of tubular steel. Read More